CP-XV Competition Challenges and Scoring Values
Pre-Competition Season
(Scores do not count. Teams are anonymous.)​
Training & Practice​ Rounds
(All teams compete)
Scores don't count
​Open & All Service Divisions​Middle School Divisi​on​             ​                    
​Windows 10 (Answer Key)​X​X
​Server 2019 (Answer Key)​X​X
​Ubuntu 20 (Answer Key)​X​X
​Fedora 36*​X​*Practice Round Only ​
Cisco NetAcad Challenge
​Networking Quiz: Modules 1-2​XX​
​Packet Tracer: Modules IntroX​X​
​Boeing Cyber-Physical System Challenge​X​ ​​*Practice Round Only​. Open & All Service Division teams may attempt the Boeing Practice Exercise. The Boeing Challenge will only be in the Semifinals and the National Finals Competition. ​
​​Competition Rounds
(Scores count. Teams are anonymous)
Point values are shown for each division's challenges. All images, challenges, and values are subject to change. ​ ​ ​ ​
​Round 1
(All teams compete)
Open & All Service DivisionsMiddle School Division
​Windows 10​100​100
​Server 2019​100​100
​Ubuntu 20​100
​Cisco NetAcad Challenge
​Networking Quiz: Modules 3-7​10​6
​Packet Tracer: Modules 1-7​20​14
​Total Points Possible330220
Round 2
(All teams compete)
​Open & All Service Division​Middle School Division
​Windows 10​100​100
​Server 2019​100​100
​Ubuntu 22​100​100
Cisco NetAcad Challenge
​Networking Quiz: Modules 8-11​10​10
​Packet Tracer: Modules 1-11​20​20
​Total Possible Points330330
State Round
(All teams compete with a clean slate)
​Platinum Tier​Gold Tier​Silver Tier​Middle School Division
​Server 2019​100​100​100​100
​Windows 10​100100100100
​Ubuntu 20100100100100
Cisco NetAcad Challenge
​Networking Quiz: Modules 12-15​30​30​30​10
​Packet Tracer: Modules 1-15​70​70​70​20
​Total Possible Points400​400​400​330
(25% of teams advance. See rules book)
Platinum Tier​Gold Tier​Silver Tier​Middle School Division
​Windows 10​​100​100​100​100
​Fedora 36​​100
​Server 2019​100​100​100​100
​Ubuntu 22​100​100​100​100
​Cisco NetAcad Challenge​
​Networking Quiz: Modules 16-19​72​30​30​10
​Packet Tracer: Modules 1-19​168​70​70​20
CyberPatriot Web-Based Challenge​80​NA​NA​NA​
​​Boeing Cyber-Physical System Challenge​80​NA​NA​NA
Total Possible Points​800​400​400​330