Cyber Education Literature Series Overview

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Literature Series.pngThe Cyber Education Literature Series was developed with the goal of introducing cybersecurity awareness to young children in a fun and interactive way.

      • Reader for younger children
      • Available to the public
      • ​Pioneers the topic of cybersecurity for early elementary youth


Sarah the Cyber Hero (2017)

One fateful day a computer virus is downloaded on a computer and it infects the whole town! Luckily, a cyber education program at school has been teaching Sarah all about cyber safety and how to protect a computer from intruders. Can Sarah use her new cyber skills to shut down the dreaded virus?​

Ben the Cyber Defender (2020) 

Ben is a typical kid with a not​-so-typical passion for cybersecurity and helping others. His skills are put to the test when his cousin, Ethan, accidentally releases a virus that is set to ruin devices all over town. ​Can Ben stop the cyberattack in time and prove that he is ready to be a true cyber defender?

​Sarah the Cyber Hero and Ben the Cyber Defender
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