Additional Resources

This page has a list of other resources that teams may find useful for the competition. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, and teams are encouraged are use the expertise of their Coaches and Mentors to branch out and find other resources on their own. 


Internet security is a key part of the CyberPatriot competition. As su​ch, we highly recommend possessing technical knowledge of how the Internet works. Some important concepts include:


The US Computer Emergency Response Team (US CERT) releases material including descriptions of basic computer defenses and tips for staying safe online. Comodo also has a primer on cyber threats and cyber defense. Some concepts to be familiar with include: 


National Finalists from previous competition seasons have noted the following sites as being very helpful in their training and preparation:

    • Center for Internet Security - Provides numerous resources on Internet security and creates cybersecurity standards
    • CNET Offers the latest cybersecurity news and offers thoousands of open-source software programs for download
    • Mandiant- Provides up-to-date information on the most dangerous threats in cyberspace
    • Ninite - Hosts a program that can quickly update all of your software at once
    • NOVA Labs -  The Cybersecurity Lab is a game where players learn basic coding skills, how to spot phishing scams, and how online networks defend against attacks.​
    • SANS - Provides free and fee-based training and resources for cybersecurity professionals
    • SourceForge - Hosts a wealth of open-source software, much of which can help keep an operating system secure from attacks
    • Splunk- Offers a monitoring and reporting program that helps thwart attacks as they happen and provides insight into past attacks. Splunk is a CyberGold sponsor of CyberPatriot.
    • SuperUser​​ - Uses the knowledge of computer experts around the world to answer cybersecurity questions
    • TechRepublic - Contains a wide range of resources for technical professionals​
    • - Free collection of cyberseurity education and career resources