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​CyberPatriot has modified camp materials to be able to be conducted in a virtual environment and is requiring all camp hosts to follow their local regulations surrounding COVID-19.

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Why Attend?

Attending an AFA CyberCamp is the perfect way to get introduced to the world of cybersecurity! Many students who attend a standard AFA CyberCamp go on to participate in CyberPatriot's National Youth Cyber Defense Competition during the school year. Get a head start on your STEM career and experience what makes CyberPatriot the best National Youth Cyber Education Program!


There is no set age requirement for either Standard or Advanced CyberCamps, however, it is recommended that the attendees are of middle school or high school age. 


Standard CyberCamp attendees do not need to have any prior knowledge of cybersecurity to participate. Some very basic knowledge of computer hardware (knowing how to use a mouse, browse the internet, identify common computer icons, etc.) is helpful but not necessary.

Advanced CyberCamp attendees must possess some prior knowledge. Most of the Advanced curriculum builds on material covered by our Standard camp and also draws from the activities/tasks in the CyberPatriot competition. Prior exposure to CyberPatriot or similar skill levels are recommended. 

A basic English reading level is essential bor both as many individual and group activities are written directives and students must work alone or within small groups to accomplish tasks.

find a camp Near You

AFA CyberCamps are facilitated by third-party organizations who sign up to host a camp. Because of this structure, camps are held in various locations throughout the United States. If you do not find a camp in your immediate area, there may be a camp accepting students in a nearby community. Not all cities and states will have camps. 

We anticipate that in the Summer of 2021 there will be a mixture of in-person camps where COVID-19 conditions and local regulations allow for in-person camps and a number of camps that will be held virtually.

Once a camp host is approved, the hosting site will have the option to allow us to display their contact information for interested parties. 
Not all camps will open their location to the public and may decline our offer to advertise their camp. 
CyberPatriot will post a map and list of approved camps with contact links (where applicable) after registration for the Summer of 2021 has closed.


The CyberPatriot Program Office DOES NOT register students for individual camps. Approved hosts are responsible for registering students for their camps. Not all camp hosts will offer public registrations and some may have limited space. Due to privacy policies, we are only able to advertise camp information with the hosts' permission.

cost to attend

​Camp hosts may charge a fee for their camp. Approved camp hosts may recoup the cost they paid for their AFA CyberCamp kits but are not permitted ​​​to make a profit off of the camp. Costs might vary depending on the host organization. Interested parties will need to contact the host directly.

Choosing a camp that's right for you

Standard AFA CyberCamps are designed for novice students with little or no experience with CyberPatriot, cybersecurity and system administration. The curriculum is a basic level introduction to the skills and topics utilized in the CyberPatriot Competition.

Advanced AFA CyberCamps are ideal for students who have previously attended an AFA CyberCamp or who have competed in the CyberPatriot Competition. Advanced camps are designed to build upon and expand the cybersecurity skills previously learned through CyberPatriot programs.

Questions about attending a camp?
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