Interactive competition demonstration software available for download

The CyberPatriot Interactive Demonstration (Demo) Software version 1.0A has is now available for download! 

The CyberPatriot Demo is a partial simulation of a CyberPatriot image, with a built-in tutorial. The Demo aims to introduce teachers, students, organizational leaders, and others to the CyberPatriot competition. The small software package (50 MB) was designed as an informational and recruiting tool that can be used as a presentation or hands-on activity at an event, conference, meeting, or in the classroom (in-person or virtual). Note that this software is NOT designed to be a training image for CyberPatriot teams. 

A presenter requires the following equipment and software to run the CyberPatriot Demo.

  • Windows 7 or better computer 
  • ZIP program 
  • CyberPatriot Demo program download

Once the program is unzipped and executed, it is ready to go! In a typical use of the CyberPatriot Demo, a presenter will begin the presentation by giving the attendees an overview of CyberPatriot. Then the presenter will either go through the demonstration (explaining how the competition works), or have the attendees do the hands-on simulation of the CyberPatriot competition. The CyberPatriot Demo will show scored points as the presenter or attendees finds and fixes security vulnerabilities in the simulated image. At the end of the simulated competition, attendees will receive a certificate of completion​

We welcome everyone to do a controlled distribution of the demonstration software to experienced CyberPatriot participants so they may inform others and recruit people to the competition. Please DO NOT mass-email the Demo link to students and other persons unfamiliar with the competition unless an experienced participant is willing to guide them through it. The program office does not have adequate resources to handle a large volume of email and phone calls from students and those unfamiliar with both the competition and the Demo software.

To order the Demo download (free of charge), use the form below. The Demo download and setup instructions are included in the Quick Start Guide, which can be accessed once the order form is submitted.

Demonstration Software Order Form:

Users will find detailed instructions in the TUTORIAL that is part of the demonstration software. Using the tutorial will answer many questions that users will have. There is also a Certificate of Completion available in this version.

If you have any comments or questions about the Demo software, please contact the CyberPatriot Operations Center at