CyberGenerations - The Senior Citizens' Cyber Safety Initiative

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The CyberGenerations program covers basic topics of cybersecurity and provides additional resources which can help our seniors identify potential cyberattacks directed at them or their loved ones.

Topics include:
  • Introduction - Cybersecurity 101: Helps learn the basics of cybersecurity, including physical threats to cyber safety and the importance of personally identifiable information. 
  • Module 1 - Password Management: The importance of maintaining good password hygiene and tips on creating strong, unique passwords.
  • Module 2 - Common Internet Threats:  Raise awareness about malware, social engineering methods (phishing, vishing, etc.) and public Wi-Fi tips to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime. 
  • Module 3 - Internet Scams and Fraud: Different types of scams targeting seniors, how to recognize false customer service calls, identity theft, and online shopping tips. 
  • Module 4 - Social Media Safety: Understanding privacy settings, becoming mindful of the various social media scams, and information about social media etiquette. 
  • Self-Help Resources: Direct contact information for government and local resources
The program is designed to have an instructor present the CyberGenerations curriculum to a community of senior citizens attending the workshop. The program was designed to be given over five 1-hour sessions with the initial session being an introduction of cybersecurity with four subsequent meetings where individual modules will be presented and discussed.

The CyberGenerations Self-Paced Guide acts as supplementary material with additional information on the topics discussed during the presentations.

The CyberGenerations Senior Citizens’ Cyber Safety kit includes:
  • CyberGenerations Interest Flyer that can be shared for generating interest and recruiting participants.
  • CyberGenerations Curriculum for the workshop.
  • CyberGenerations Self-Paced Guide for the participants with additional material for each module.
  • CyberGenerations Instructor Guide containing module information and notes for the curriculum.
  • Printable activities and answer keys specifically designed for each session.