Team Organization

​​ CyberPatriot teams consist of the following team members:


CyberPatriot Coaches are the backbone of the competition. Coaches are adults (e.g. teachers, JROTC instructors, staff members) approved by a participating school or educational organization to act as the administrative lead of a CyberPatriot team. Coaches need not be technically saavy, as teams are welcome to work with Technical Mentors as described below, but all Coaches are responsible for the following: 

  • Ensuring competitor safety by controlling access to minors, following legal and school requirements, and adequately supervising students during practice rounds and all rounds of competition.

  • Protecting the competition's integrity by ensuring students receive no assistance from Mentors, Team Assistants, or anyone else during competition rounds. Coaches are also responsible for upholding the rules, time limits, and download limits as outlined in the CyberPatriot Rules Book.​

  • Acting as the CyberPatriot Program Office's main point of contact for the team. Preparation emails for each round of competition, as well as the links to download competition images, are only sent to Coaches. Additionally, should we need to contact a team about score discrepancies, registration issues, or any other competition matters, we will use the information on file for the team's Coach of record. All CyberPatriot Coaches should thus ensure they are capable of receiving messages from and, which are sometimes blocked by school firewalls.


Each CyberPatriot team must consist of between two and six competitors enrolled in the participating school or organization. While up to six students are permitted on each team's roster, a maximum of five students are permitted to compete at any one time during a competition round. The competitor not competing may act as a substitute, and cannot assist the active competitors.

Technical Mentor(s)

Technical Mentors IT​​-experienced individuals who volunteer their time to teach cyber defense skills and cyber ethics to CyberPatriot teams. All Mentors must register on the CyberPatriot website, and are required to successfully complete a background check before being added to the list of approved Mentors. (Minimum age: 18)

One or more registered Mentors may be chosen by a Coach to assist in training his or her CyberPatriot team(s). Teams are not required to have a Mentor. CyberPatriot Mentors are welcome to assist multiple teams, but should make sure they are linked to all of the teams with which they are working through their Volunteer Portal page on the CyberPatriot website.

Team Assistant(s)

Team Assistants are adult volunteers who provide non-technical support and encouragement to the team, such as assisting with scheduling, set-up, snacks, and transportation. Team Assistants are required to register on the CyberPatriot website and pass a background check, as they will be working with minors. CyberPatriot teams are permitted to have multiple Team Assistants, and Team Assistants are welcome to volunteer with multiple teams. After passing the background check, Team Assistants can then be linked to the appropriate team(s) through the CyberPatriot Volunteer Portal.