AFA CyberCamp Program Overview


Through the AFA CyberCamp program, schools and educational organizations can purchase a curriculum kit consisting of five four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor's guides, student workbooks, demonstration software, and Competition software that will teach students important skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity. The 20-hour curriculum is designed to be completed over five days, with the fifth day serving as a day of mini-Competition. All sessions are Monday through Friday, with Friday being the mini-Competition day. ​​
AFA CyberCamps are available in two formats: Standard and Advanced.  Standard AFA CyberCamps teach beginner students the basics while Advanced AFA CyberCamps incorporates more complex concepts geared towards students who have previously​ participated in a CyberCamp or participated on a CyberPatriot team.




All Standard and Advanced camp sessions are Monday through Friday, with Friday as the designated mini-Competition day. No exceptions. ​All sessions are predetermined, hosts are unable to request dates outside of the designated camp session dates. ​​​Please note: CyberPatriot will not have any camp sessions the fir​st TWO weeks of July due to limited resources at the CyberPatriot Operations Center. ​

  ■     ​February 1st - Registration opens

  ■     May 1st - Registration closes

2019 Standard Camp DATES

  ■     Session A: June 10-14

  ■     Session B: June 17-21

  ■     Session C: June 24-28

  ■     Session D: July 15-19

  ■     Session E: July 22-26

  ■     Session F: July 29 - August 2

  ■     Session G: August 5-9

2019 ADvanced CAMP DATES

  ■     Session 1 : June 17-21

  ■     Session 2: June 24-28

  ■     Session 3: July 22-26

  ■     Session 4: July​ 29 - August 2​

  ■     Session 5: August 5-9

​*PARENTS & STUDENTS: The CyberPatriot Program Office DOES NOT register students for individual camps. Approved hosts are responsible for registering students at their own locations. Not all camp locations will offer public registration for their camps and some may have limited space. Due to privacy policies we are only able to advertise camp information with the hosts permission.