2018 Host Registration Information

​registration for the summer of 2019 will open on february 1, 2019

wHo can apply to host an afa cybercamp?

School and Non-Profit Educational Organizations are encouraged to apply! 

  • ​AFA Chapters
  • Public/Private Middle Schools & High Schools​
  • Home Schools
  • Civil Air Patrol Squadrons
  • Naval Sea Cadet Corps units
  • Scouting Units
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Universities, Colleges and Community Colleges
  • Other Organizations with Approval by CyberPatriot National Commissioner 

camp coordinator checklist 

​The person that applies to host an AFA CyberCamp will be the sole point of contact for the entire camp process. This person known as the Camp Coordinator will facilitate all logistics of the camp and will be responsible for distributing any information to other appropriate parties associated with their camp. Recruitment, registration, instruction and on-site management is the responsibility of the Camp Coordinator. ​

During the registration process, applicants will be asked to review the Camp Coordinator Pre-Checklist and verify they understand the responsibilities associated with hosting an AFA CyberCamp. ​

who is the ideal instructor/assistant? ​

Standard CyberCamps​

While the Standard CyberCamp curriculum is designed for novice students and includes instruction slides, local camp instructors should ideally have experience working with computers, basic knowledge of cybersecurity, and some familiar​ity with virtual machines. An approved adult instructor must be supplied by each individual host location. The recommended instructor and/or volunteer to student ratio is 1:10. More information about Standard CyberCamps can be found HERE​. 

Advanced CyberCamps

The Advanced CyberCamp is designed for students that have previous experience in the CyberPatriot Competition, have previously attended an AFA CyberCamp or have had experience in computer science classes. The instructor for the Advanced camps must be an advanced subject matter expert and it is highly desired that instructors have advanced knowledge of networking and intermediate Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 subject matter. It is recommended that 2 or more instructors assist with an Advanced class setup due to the amount of information that is covered in the week. The recommended instructor and/or volunteer to student ratio is 2:10. An expert for each operating system and networking expert is highly recommended. More information about Advanced Camps can be found HERE.​ 

For both camps instructors/assistants must be 18 years or older and must complete a child protection program of the hosting location's choice prior to the first day of camp. ​As an option, the Boys Scouts ​of America offers a free child safety program that is open to the public: Boys Scouts Youth Protection Program​

HOw to apply to host afa cybercamps

Step-by-step registration instructions can be found here: How to Register to Host a Camp​​

Please note: The person that submits an application to host one of more AFA CyberCamps will be the Camp Coordinator and the organizations singular contact throughout the camp season. This person is responsible for sharing camp information with the necessary parties - no exceptions.

Questions? Please contact: afaCyberCamps@uscyberpatriot.org​