What our Participants are Saying

"The CyberPatriot program has been an outstanding experience for me and my students for each of the four seasons I have been a coach, and every year I have students whose lives are changed by the opportunity the program provides.  Not only have my students learned teamwork, planning and organization, and leadership skills during practice and competition, they have also gained an understanding of the grave threat our society faces from cyber attack, and many of them have decided to make computer science or cyber security their focus in college.  Our country needs future leaders who understand the challenges we face and who have the skills to meet these challenges.  I'm very proud to be a part of the CyberPatriot Program, and to help create those future leaders."

-Amy King, CyberPatriot Coach
Douglas MacArthur High School

"CyberPatriot is more than just a technical competition. By participating in the program students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. They learn to work together as a team to accomplish a goal. CyberPatriot is also an excellent way for students to explore a career path and jumpstart their training and education. For adults, it is also a good opportunity to give back to the community as you invest in the lives of students."

-Bill Blatchley, CyberPatriot Coach, Mentor, and Parent
Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron

"CyberPatriot has expanded my knowledge and experience with system administration, security, and networking. It incorporates tasks required by those seeking a career in most computing fields and provides real-time feedback on how you perform. It also helps you to plan, prepare, and work well with a team, just as one might in their future endeavors. The use of strategy and time management are critical and the program makes you utilize these effectively. I would recommend CyberPatriot to students."

-Dillon K., CyberPatriot Competitor
Punahou School

"I have been a CyberPatriot Competitor for over three years now and this program has significantly increased my awareness about cyber security. I learned how to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and secure various operating systems from hackers. CyberPatriot teaches you skills that are not just knowledgeable, but also useful in our daily lives. Learning about cyber security is critical for the success of our nation's future!"

-Hijol G., CyberPatriot Competitor
Los Angeles Unified School District

"​I would personally like to thank those who organize and operate this educational and amazing competition that I was able to be a part of several years ago. This competition is the reason I became involved in cyber security, and ultimately the reason I hold my current career. Currently I am a network analyst, network engineer, and do minor programming for a cyber security company called Cerdant. I have no degree, and had no certifications when hired. But CyberPatriot gave me the interest and determination to teach myself as much as I possibly could. Now I hold my CSSA, program in C/C++, Python, and assembly, and work on firewalls around the world. This competition, in my opinion, is an amazing experience that can change someone's life. Thank you!"

-Anthony C., Network Analyst and CyberPatriot Competitor Alumnus

 "This program is very fun and insightful for anyone new to the field of computers or people looking for a variety of potential career choices. I encourage any females interested in this program should not be intimidated by the large male majority, but feel welcome to the safe environment that CyberPatriot presents."

-Brittney M., CyberPatriot Competitor
Los Angeles Unified School District

"My son started with CyberPatriot not knowing anything about cyber security, the extent of his computer use was gaming and schoolwork. The CyberPatriot program has taught him essential skills for careers later in life as well as teamwork and leadership that he will take with him into the workforce. He is now looking into a degree in computer forensics and attaining his CCNA thanks to the Cisco portion of the competition. I highly recommend CyberPatriot for any teen interested in computer science."

-Amy Griswold, CyberPatriot Parent