Request a Kit

CyberGenerations can be downloaded for personal use or it can be downloaded and presented in a workshop format. If you are interested in presenting CyberGenerations as a workshop, you will be taken to a page on the request form that allows you to request hard copies of the CyberGenerations material. If you request it for personal use, you will be given access to a digital kit after filling out the required fields. ​


The CyberGenerations kit includes:
  • Interest Flyer that can be shared for generating interest and recruiting participants
  • Curriculum for the workshop
  • Self-Paced Guide for the participants with additional material for each module
  • Instructor Guide containing module information and notes for the curriculum
  • Printable activities and answer keys specifically designed for each session.

The CyberGenerations Self-Paced Guide acts as supplementary material with additional information on the topics discussed during the presentations. Download a copy HERE​.​