CyberPatriot XIV Coach and Mentor of the Year


CPXIV COY JeremiahMilonas.jpg

Congratulations to Coach Jeremiah Milonas, the CyberPatriot XIV Coach of the Year!  Mr. Milonas is the lead CyberPatriot coach of five teams out of Red Bank Regional High School in Little Silver, New Jersey, including the state’s top ranking Open Division team for the 2021-2022 competition season.

Mr. Milonas excels with instructional creativity by creating virtual machines filled with “obnoxious” viruses that the students must eradicate.  His competitors will tell you that the learning environment he creates is incredibly safe forCPXIV COY JeremiahMilonas Team.jpg both cybersecurity training and life in general. Mr. Milonas has created a place where students can thrive, and it shows through the increasing number of individuals joining the school’s CyberPatriot program.

Mr. Milonas said, “The CyberPatriot program has been an amazing experience for me and my students.  We have learned so much together. Creating great memories of eating pizza and getting points!" 


CPXIV MOY Karen Morikawa.png

Congratulations to Karen Morikawa, the CyberPatriot XIV Mentor of the Year!  Ms. Morikawa has a 30-year career with the Federal Government in various STEM related fields and is a Cybersecurity Program Manager for the U.S. Navy.  She is an avid proponent for education and enjoys developing the next generation of cybersecurity and STEM leaders.  Ms. Morikawa also helped eight other JROTC High School teams in the state of Hawaii get started with the program; Maui, Big Island and Kauai.  

Her caring approach has helped developed many shy and timid students into self-confident and fierce competitors. She encourages her teams to attend Capture the Flag (CTF) Competitions and conferences.

Karen Morikawa said, "Being a part of the CyberPatriot program has been a rewarding experience.   We have some awesome young talent.   I am dually their Coach and student.   They inspire me to continue to coach and learn."​​