National Cybersecurity Center

The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC)
October 2019

A message from The National Cybersecurity Center:

The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) is a non-profit 501c (3) organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are a think tank, tackling tough cybersecurity challenges by bringing together experts from private, public and academic organizations to help secure the world.

Our mission is to provide cybersecurity leadership, and one of our main pillars is K-12 education. As our nation addresses the critical gap in skilled cybersecurity talent, we address the importance of cyber education through programs and partnerships that invite students to participate in an ecosystem which encourages them to learn, explore, and build their skills.

In our K-12 initiative, the NCC offers opportunities for middle and high school students to improve technical literacy through fun, interactive, and challenging camps, field trips, workshops and events. We encourage STEM education for all students, with special attention towards creating inviting and collaborative opportunities for girls and other underrepresented groups in the cyber ecosystem.

The National Cybersecurity Center Student Alliance (NCCSA) provides free cybersecurity training for teachers, students, and adults hoping to enter the cybersecurity field. All members of the NCCSA will have access to training that will lead to certification and membership is to all schools. Our goal is to close the gap between available jobs and the trained professionals to fill those jobs.

The NCC is proud to have CyberPatriot as our partner. Through the CyberPatriot program, we have been able to introduce and train hundreds of students in the field of cybersecurity. Through this program, we are able to provide internships, shadowing opportunities mentorships, grants, and scholarships for middle and high school students. We look forward to continuing this great relationship with CyberPatriot and working together to contribute to the growth and development of our future cyber professionals throughout our great nation.

National Cybersecurity Center Student Alliance - Competition Video