Securing Our eCity Foundation

Securing Our eCity Foundation​ is an educational focused 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, initially started by ESET LLC. as an initiative in the greater San Diego area. In 2011, The ESET Foundation, Inc. was formed and maintained its historical identity, Securing Our eCity Foundation, as a “d.b.a.”
The focus of the Foundation is to provide and promote cyber security educational opportunities for youths in the San Diego and neighboring counties in Southern California. Securing Our eCity Foundation has worked closely with the Air Force Association (AFA) Chapter 118, San Diego and the San Diego County Board of Education to maximize the amount of cyber education opportunity and information to all youths in the area.

Chapter 118 focuses specifically on the CyberPatriot Competition and SOeC coordinates other student-related cyber education activities. Six of the 28 teams invited to the 2017 CyberPatriot IX finals were from San Diego and the 2016 CyberPatriot VIII Middle School National Cham-pion was from San Diego.

In San Diego County, the Board supports 42 high, middle/junior high, and elementary school districts composed of a mix of public, charter, and private schools. In this collection, there are 50 high schools and 35 middle/junior high schools.

From 2009-2016, SOeC and NDIA and their corporate sponsors initially organized and sponsored the Annual Mayor’s Cyber Cup Competition for high and middle/junior high school students. In 2016, this Challenge became known as the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge and continues into the future. During 2016, SOeC worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District “After the Bell” program and other cyber educators throughout California to help establish the California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC).

In addition to school focused education, SOeC is actively engaged with other youth organizations. In 2010, SOeC awarded the first Cyber Patch for the Girl Scouts in the nation and the same for the Boy Scouts in 2011. In 2017 SOeC and the STEM lead submitted a proposal and documentation for a Boy Scout Cyber Security Merit Badge. Each year, since 2010, SOeC has hosted a Cyber Boot Camp and promote the participants to local business for intern positions, in some instances hiring the interns directly for the Foundation.