Now Accepting CyberPatriot XI Coach and Mentor of the Year Nominations


​The CyberPatriot Coach and Mentor of the Year awards recognize excellence among registered volunteers.​ If you think your coach or mentor is deserving of such recognition, nominate them today!  

Coach of the Ye​ar Nomi​nation Form
​​Mentor of the ​Y​​​​​ear Nomination Form​

Nomination Deadline: June 15, 2019 (11:59 PM ET)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Registered as a CyberPatriot Coach or Mentor for the season of the award
  • Coached or mentored the same team for at least two rounds of competition during the season of the award
  • Demonstrated high ethical standards
  • Good standing with the team’s school or parent organization at the end of the season

Nomination Criteria

  • Coaches and mentors may receive only one nomination per team.  Only the first nomination will be considered.
  • Each team may nominate no more than one coach and one mentor to include situations of a replacement coach or multiple mentors.
  • A coach may be nominated by a registered mentor, team Assistant, or competitor.
  • A mentor may be nominated only by a team’s coach of record, competitor registered to that team, or team assistant helping that team.
  • Persons may not self-nominate.
  • Persons may not be nominated as a Coach and Mentor of the Year by the same team.
  • A coach may be nominated as a mentor only if the coach is registered as a mentor and is nominated for a team she or he does not coach.
  • Nomination Deadline: June 15, 2019

Selection of Winners

Each nomination is closely reviewed and ranked by the CyberPatriot Program Office Staff. The final selection is made by the National Commissioner.

The selected Coach and Mentor of the Year will be recognized at the Air Force Association’s National Convention in September (held at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland - transportation and lodging covered by AFA).  ​