Advanced AFA CyberCamp Information

Through the AFA CyberCamp program, schools and educational organizations can order a curriculum kit consisting of five four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor's guides, student workbooks, demonstration software, and competition software that will teach students important skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity. 

The 20-hour curriculum is designed to be completed over five days, with the fifth day serving as a day of mini-competition. All sessions are Monday through Friday, with Fri​day being the mini-competition day. No exceptions.  

how advanced afa cybercamps work

The Advanced Camp curriculum has been designed to allow instructors to pick and choose which areas of interests their students might best learn from. There will be much more information than will fit in a four-hour camp day - instructors have the option to pick what topics are best suited for their session. The only day that cannot be flexible is the Friday, Competition day - all sessions must use that day as the Competition day.


  • Windows 10 Module (Windows Graphical Utilities, Windows Command Line, optional Sysinternals Suite)
  • Ubuntu 16 Module (Init Systems, Advanced Command Line, Processes and Scheduled Tasks, optional Security Policies and PAM, optional Networking)
  • Cisco NetAcad Networking Modules 1-3
Sample Schedule:
  • Monday - Cyber Ethics Module, Windows 10 Module 
  • Tuesday - Windows 10 Module, Ubuntu 16
  • Wednesday - Ubuntu 16 Module ​
  • Thursday - Cisco Networking Modules 1-3 
  • Friday - Mini-CyberPatriot Competition. Students will compete against their fellow campers on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 advanced Competition images. 

instructor recommendations​

Schools and educational organizations that have advanced subject matter expertise in networking, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 are encouraged to host an Advanced CyberCamp. The Advanced kit consists of five four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor's guides, student workbooks, demonstration software, and c​ompetition software that will teach students advanced skills in cyber safety and cybersecurity. 

Instructors must have advanced expertise in networking, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 (or have available volunteer/instructors with advanced subject matter knowledge) in order to successfully execute an AFA Advanced CyberCamp


To recover the costs of software and curriculum development, the CyberPatriot Program Office provides access to two demonstration images and two competition images, Cisco Network Academy curriculum as well as digital copies of the Instructor Guide and Student Workbook for $1,450. This kit cost is per requested/approved Advanced camp session.


AFA's CyberPatriot Program Office will also provide hard copies and other materials to approved AFA CyberCamp hosts at the rates listed below. Items may be purchased after host registration application has been approved. Orders must be received and paid for at least two weeks prior to the start of their designated camp session. 

Rush fees may be applied for orders with less than two weeks notice of ordering or payment. Hosts have an option to print the curriculum materials at a local printer of their choice. 

Instructor Guide $55/complete set of all modules
Student Workbook $6/copy
AFA CyberCamp T-shirt $10/shirt
CyberPatriot Sunglasses $3/pa​ir


The AFA CyberCamp curriculum and activities are largely computer based. To maximize student engagement, the hosting school of organization should provide one computer for every 2-3 participating campers. The camp instructor(s) will need a projector and presentation computer with MS PowerPoint.

The campers' computers, as well as the presentation computer, must have internet access and must be capable of running VMWare Player, WinMD5, and 7-Zip, all of which are free software programs. Full technical specifications are available HERE​

Please note: Chromebooks and ThinkPads will not enable the demonstration and competition images to be utilized correctly. MAC computers will have very limited technical assistance from the CyberPatriot Program Office. If you believe you will be using MACs for your camp, please contact us directly so that we may assist with proper pre-testing before your camp. PCs are preferred to run the demonstration and Competition images. 

Interested in Hosting a CyberCamp? Please read Host Registration Information