Competition Challenges by Round (Images and Cisco Networking)
Below are last season's challenges and are for information only.  This season's challenges will be posted in September.

Welcome to CyberPatriot X! We are excited that your team(s) are participating in this season’s National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. This document outlines the image operating systems and networking challenges teams can expect to find in each round.

Please note that while operating systems may be the same for different Divisions and Tier levels, high school challenges may be more difficult than those for middle school teams. Platinum Tier challenges may also be more difficult than Gold Tier challenges, which may be more difficult than Silver Tier challenges. Teams should only use images for their assigned Division. Once tiers are assigned to Open and All Service teams prior to the State Round, teams should only use the images assigned to their tier level. The CyberPatriot Program Office will not provide any more image or vulnerability specifics prior to competition. Students will not be tested on IPv6 in CyberPatriot X. Images may be subject to change.
CP X Image List by Round on Website.png
Semifinals Graphic3.png 
More Challenging Final Online Round
Due to the large number of Platinum Tier teams with high scores in the final online round of the competition, the Platinum Tier will have a fourth image for the first time this season. Time management will be critical in the Platinum Tier's Semifinals.