Technical Specifications
​​​​The goal of CyberPatriot is to have as many teams as possible take part in the competition. We understand that some schools and organizations do not have as much access​ to equipment as others, so technical specifications have been kept to a minimum.  In every round except the National Finals competition, teams can participate from any location. Many teams participate at their school, their organizational headquarters, or a library.


Hardware requirements​​

​​The following are the hardware requirements for CyberPatriot IX. It is recommended that teams use one host machine for each image in a round. If teams do not have access to enough host machines, it is recommended that they do not run more than one image on a single machine at one time. If they do so, these specifications will be inadequate.​​​​​​

    • ​1 Ghz Intel x86 compatible processor
    • 4 GB of RAM 
      • 2 GB may work for some older images, but will cause host systems to slow down when larger operating systems are used
    • 30 GB of free disk space
    • XGA (1024x768) or higher display
In order to participate in CyberPatriot, a host system must be able to run VMware Player 6.07.  VMware Player 6.07 is free software that runs on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and is the officially supported software for the competition. More recent versions of VMware Player are only available for 64-bit systems, but issues stemming from the use of these versions are not grounds for appeal.Some host systems will appear to conform to the above requirements, but are still unable to run VMware Player 6.07. If you are not sure whether your system is capable of running VMware Player 6.07, please refer to the VMware Player Documentation.


Notice: CP-IX is Final Season for 32-Bit, Host Computer Operating Systems 

​​​All teams will be required to have 64-bit, host computer operating systems beginning in CyberPatriot X. Teams still using 32-bit computers and operating systems are encouraged to plan now to avoid an issue with participating in CyberPatriot in FALL 2017.

Software requirements

    • Windows 2000 or later, OS X 10.4.11 or later, Linux 2.4.10/2.6.4 or later
    • WinMD5
      • Used for verifying the checksum of the images to ensure that they have been fully downloaded
      • Install guide
    • 7-Zip
      • Used for unzipping the images after they have been downloaded
      • Install guide
    • ​​​VMware Player​ (for Windows or GNU/Linux) or VMware Fusion (for OS X)
      • ​Used to play the images after they have been unzipped
      • Due to the paid nature of VMware Fusion and limited number of teams using Mac systems, the CyberPatriot Program Office can only provide limited support on this software. If you only have access to Apple computers, please see this guide for some advice on how to participate in the competition: CyberPatriot Mac Guide.​​
      • How to open a virtual machine image

 ​network requirements

CyberPatriot requires a DSL or faster network connection. The most common difficulty encountered by teams during competition is having their traffic blocked by a school firewall, filter, or proxy server. All teams will need unrestricted access to HTTP on Port 80 to participate in CyberPatriot. If your school has restrictions on access through Port 80, please contact the CyberPatriot Program Office at​.