Official Change to Team Roster Size and Maximum Number of Teams per Coach

In April, the CyberPatriot Program Office asked past Coaches to evaluate a proposed reduction to the maximum number of competitors allowed on a team roster. An overwhelming number of responses were in favor of reducing roster sizes in CyberPatriot VII, and we are happy to announce CyberPatriot teams will now consist of two to six Competitors.

This new roster size is designed to give more students a chance to actively participate in rounds of competition, and thereby make the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition as enjoyable and rewarding for as many students as possible.

In previous seasons of competition, each roster consisted of a maximum of ten students, of which up to five competitors were permitted to work on competition images at a given time. The remaining students (up to five) served as alternates who could be substituted in once per round. Under the new roster limits, teams are still allowed to have up to five competitors work on competition images at a time with a possible sixth Competitor designated as an alternate.

In light of the change to roster size, the maximum number of teams each CyberPatriot Coach can register has been increased from three to five. In the past, Coaches were responsible for up to 30 students (i.e. three teams of up to 10 students each). In the new structure, Coaches can still be responsible for up to 30 students, but in a different configuration (i.e. five teams of six Competitors) in which 25 students are able to actively compete in competition rounds at any time.

The CyberPatriot Program Office never wants registration fees to deter schools and organizations from participating in the competition. Schools or organizations that face significant financial burden as an obstacle to registering more teams are invited to submit a fee waiver request. 

Additionally, a revised registration fee structure was instituted for the upcoming CP-VII season to reduce costs for schools that want to field more teams.  If a Coach were to register five Open Division or Middle School teams (i.e. four teams under the 2-for-1 fee exemption, and one additional fee-paying team) under the new roster size and team limits, he or she would only be subject to a total of three registration fees. This is equivalent to the maximum number of fees in the CyberPatriot VI season and will not increase the financial burden of any school or organization for this season.

If you have not registered or re-registered your team(s) yet for CyberPatriot VII, follow these instructions to sign up for next season's competition!