CyberPatriot Announces New Registration Fee Structure

The CyberPatriot Program Office has great news on CP-VIII fees, and they are going down!

Our new, simplified fee structure for the CyberPatriot VIII season includes significant discounts designed to encourage schools and organizations to grow their participation.

Excepting the fee exemptions listed below, the regular payable fee for each CyberPatriot VIII Open Division team is $195 (reduced from $395) and for each Middle School Division team is $155 (reduced from $195).

Additionally, the registration fees for Open Division teams that submit team applications* for the 2015-2016 season before July 1, 2015 will be reduced a further 20% to $155. The fees for Middle School Division teams that submit their team applications before July 1, 2015 will likewise be reduced 20% to $125.

Registration fees will not be due until November 6, 2015.

*The entire team registration process does not need to be completed by July 1 for teams to be eligible for the reduced fee. The team's application just needs to have been submitted before the cut off through the Coach's account on Volunteer Central.

CyberPatriot VIII Registration Fee Exemptions

As a result of funding agreements with Service headquarters, All Service Division teams do not pay a registration fee. The registration fee for teams registering in the All Service Division is automatically waived.

Due to an additional funding agreement with Civil Air Patrol headquarters, the fees for CAP teams competing in the Middle School Division will be waived. At registration, these teams should select "Middle School – Civil Air Patrol" as their Organization Type, so their fees are automatically waived.

The fee exemptions below are available to CyberPatriot VIII teams. These fee exemptions are not automatically granted at registration. Coaches must submit a fee waiver request for these exemptions through the Volunteer Central Dashboard.

  • Teams made up of entirely female competitors pay no fee.  In the fee waiver request they submit through the Volunteer Central Dashboard, Coaches must certify that the team is entirely female, and that the team will remain entirely female throughout the CP-VIII season of competition.  Teams which subsequently add non-female team members will be subject to the appropriate fee.

  • Title I schools and other schools with inadequate funding may request fee waivers through the Volunteer Central Dashboard. Any schools requesting a fee waiver must include supporting information (e.g. data on enrollment in free or reduced school lunch programs, a letter from the principal, etc.) for consideration by the CyberPatriot Program Office.

Team fees may be paid by credit card through Volunteer Central, or by downloading an invoice through Volunteer Central and submitting a check or purchase order. Team registration fees are due by November 6, 2015. Any team that does not submit its fee or has not requested and received a fee waiver before November 6, 2015 will be ineligible to participate in the first round of competition.